Scene IV: Thirteen rapes of Mother Anh; Escape to Bithynia

Venus Anh Scene IV.jpg

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111 BC



The scene in the poem: While enslaved at an iron workshop in Borsippa, Mother Anh conditionally agrees to a night of sexual favours with a Parthian guard who promises in turn to break her free. However, after that painful night, the guard demands twelve more nights with Mother Anh, which nearly kills her, before making good on his promise to transport her to the Kingdom of Bithynia.



The image: Mother Anh is pictured outside the workshop in Borsippa. With her physical and emotional injuries clearly evident, she casts a weary gaze while her landscape appears to be tilting and pulling her backwards into the darkness of the slave workshop. Compositionally, Mother Anh at the edge of the frame yearns to completely separate herself from her setting.



The making of the photograph: We chose the shooting location at a storage yard across the street from our accommodation at the Castle of Tassara. The yard is adjacent to the Chiesa di Sant’Anna, the local church built in 1618. The building in the photo is still used to this day for material storage and maintenance activities.



Cast and crew: Ysabel Loh as “Mother Anh”, costume design by Chiara Ferrantini, costume styling by Chiara Vicini, hair and make-up by Romana Dipasquale, lighting by Ignazio Nano, photography by MLSund. See the Credits page on this website for a list of all contributors.

ML Sund