Venus Anh - Behind the Scenes



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Up to today, my blog posts have featured the first of the cinematic series and profile series photos produced for the Venus Anh story. We are now moving ahead with the publication of the illustrated edition of the Venus Anh book. It will contain all photos, nearly 100, and will be available in 2018. On this blog, you’re now going to see exclusive behind-the-scenes photos taken during the photography production during 2017 along with more commentary about the book. I’m excited to share the illustrated book and I’ll keep you up to date on everything Venus Anh!



In the photo: Lead actress Eleonora Utini and Writer/Photographer ML Sund on the last day of shooting at Rome, Italy.



On this blog, throughout 2018, I'll post exclusive behind-the-scenes images taken during the photography project, along with more commentary about the story of Venus Anh. You can now purchase the epic poem in paperback or eBook at any retailer including Amazon and Barnes&Noble. And I’m excited to share with you the fully-illustrated book, with nearly 100 images, being published later in 2018. This story is a work of historical fiction that emerged during my travels through parts of Europe and the Middle East, where I experienced patriarchal customs and behaviors in certain societies that are essentially unchanged from ancient times, and where social and economic progress are always sadly far behind. I hope you participate weekly by sending your comments and questions to to, "Like" my Facebook page and “Follow" on Instagram and Twitter!

ML Sund