Venus Anh images shown for the first time!

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On May 18th, 2018 all 55 cinematic images for the Venus Anh story were shown for the first time during a poetry reading in Rome at the Casa Internazionale delle Donne. The poem was read in Italian by Marilina Marino, a wonderful young actress based in Rome. About 40 people attended the event and all were greeted upon arrival by two members of a reenactment group, "Gruppo Storico Romano”, who were dressed in full costumes as Roman soldiers.


Author and photographer ML Sund was at the event and was thrilled with the result. “It’s amazing to see two years of writing and photography finally come together and be presented in this intimate story-telling format! I want to thank everyone who attended our event and also the generous people at Casa Internazionale delle Donne for providing a perfect facility for our premiere presentation!”


After the event, audience members provided feedback: “Incredible cinematic images” said one participant from the USA. “We really enjoyed the poem which contains hidden deeper messages within the story!” noted a couple from southern Italy. 


MLSund is organising future similar poetry readings and image exhibitions in Italy and elsewhere in Europe and North America in 2018. “We will raise some funds for women’s charities at future events. I’m really looking forward to meeting you at an upcoming event and hearing about how some messages within the poem are relevant in your life!”


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ML Sund